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How Does Our Buyer Rebate Work On New Home Build?

Most Builders and Developments have the buyer's agent commission built right into their advertising costs!

Buyers without an agent pay the same for a home that buyers with an agent pay!

The cost is absorbed in the total development as part of  their advertising costs or some other cost form.

So BEFORE YOU SIGN to build, know that if I represent you with your new build, I will REBATE up to 1.5% of the commission paid out on the purchase and you can use it on whatever you want!

Want upgraded appliances? Want upgraded flooring? Want upgraded paint?

We can apply that 1.5% of the purchase price right to your upgrades!!!

How about towards your closing costs? There are MANY WAYS you can use this money!

Call me FIRST before you sign to build! I'll walk you through how to get a rebate in place for you... it's VERY simple!

Contact me by phone or email and lets discuss which way YOU want money in your pocket with your new build!!!