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Basically, there are three ways of selling your home in today's real estate market AND THEN THERE'S OUR WAY, THE BEST WAY!

1)For Sale By Owner or referred to as "FSBO". This is selling your home yourself. Where you go out and buy some "For Sale" signs or make your own and put it in your yard, it's that simple. The benefit of this method is that it can cost you out of pocket, little to no cost if you already have the supplies and your time. The drawback of this method is that you are limited to your marketing exposure. There are sites like Zillow, where you can list your property for sale yourself. But remember, Zillow is out to make money as a company and they charge realtors for ads that appear on the same page as your listing will show up. It will have YOUR contact information at the BOTTOM of a list of several real estate agents looking to contract with a potential buyer and for buyers looking, they can easily click on the first phone number or ask for information via an email, and that request is going out to a realtor who has nothing to do with your listing! 

You will also be solicited by agents and companies that work for agents, trying to get you as a client. You'll be amazed at just how many unwanted calls and emails you will receive on sites this way. This can steal your time from what you're really trying to do. Save money and get your home sold.

2) Next, referred to as the Flat Fee Listing Service, you're paying for your listing to be on the MLS, The Multiple Listing Service, which exposes your property to thousands of prospective buyers with agents. Now this gets you exceptional exposure to buyers. But you also are dealing with agents that will either try to solicit to you their services at a typical 3% or if they bring a buyer, they may try to handle both sides of the transaction and charge a total of 6%, and if they bring a buyer, then know they are equipped with experience, contract know-how, and powerful negotiation skills!

Flat Fee listing services ARE different from one another. You may be limited to nothing more than paying for your listing to be on the MLS, or find yourself in an automated hoop-jumping system, with multiple "add on" costs depending upon what you end up needing done. Not to mention that potential buyers have to jump through hoops as well, marketing to them on Financing companies. Title companies, Home Warranty and Inspection companies just to name a few.

3) And then there's the Old Traditional Real Estate Agent/Broker Way, where you contract with a licensed local agent to assist you in selling your home and the cost is Astronomical! Typically, 6% of the sales price! Some are skilled and some treat their license as a part-time or "spare change" kind of job.... not to mention that YOU still pay out that outrageous commission even if you do all or most of the work to bring a buyer to you! And they are quick to having you sign their commission contract for it! before you even get started!

This Is Why Our Services Are Different!
Times have definitely changed and Kurt Mathewson, a licensed realtor with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry knows this and knows it's smart!

  • We understand that you have options and are trying to cut costs.
  • You're easily educated and more confident with the idea of selling your home.
  • We realize you don't need a realtor the way one used to be needed.
  • You need our tools. You want it to be an option of throwing in the towel and letting Kurt take over if the going gets tough.
  • You want to know someone experienced has your back and is there if needed.
Read on to see the BEST WAY to sell your home...

Kurt Mathewson gives you the best of options out there rolled into one simple and discounted service plan!
He is an experienced professional teaming up with YOU to sell your home, your way!

We list your property on the MLS and syndicate it out to other popular real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia and many more, which in turn, syndicates out to other listing sites. We also get your property exposure on our website and social media plat forms such as FaceBook and Instagram, getting your property tons of exposure and still in a Represented and Professional fashion.

He brings the buyers to you and cuts out all the unwanted solicitation that happens to you and any potential buyer! And the cost is pennies on the dollar!

Our plan will automatically give you a yard sign, sign holder and a lock-box for your house key if you want it available for realtors to show your property while you are away.

We also provide you with an answering service that is personal, not automated! Never miss a call and we work beyond the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday business hours of any typical brokerage!

This team approach with you in charge doesn't even cost you any money up front! That's right, you won't be charged until your listing is sold... If your listing doesn't sell... You aren't charged for our services!!!

Kurt lists and assists for only .3 % and that's adjusted out of the Buyer's Agent's commission at closing!!! Your listing will be competitive and draw buyers to you with offering out a Buyer's Agent Commission and Kurt will assist you with the negotiations, Real Estate Purchase Contract and contract deadlines, as well as with the closing process.

He's there with you, the whole way and there's no automated phone or email company stalling or tripping you and the buyer up on your transaction, or costing you hidden charges along the way!

It's easy to start! Simply click on the Useful link below, Contact Kurt, Realtor to send him an email stating you want to list your home and give him the best way to contact you.

Kurt will get back to you personally, and gather your listing information so he can get it up on the MLS and get your property listing started! Or give him a call and he can assist you further that way!

Are you looking to build or buy in Utah once you have sold your place? Check out how Kurt helps you find a home or start to build and gives you up to 1.5% of his commission on the purchase price paid out, by the seller's broker, to use as you need! That's Cash In Your Pocket When He Helps You!